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Bachelor Apartment, Bankside

Set in a Richard Rogers apartment, we knew that this home needed a modernist vibe with a palette of red, blue and mustard.
“Leo's work is visionary, approachable, and efficient and I am very happy with the process and outcome. Leo managed all contractors, deliveries, installations, and building work to a precise schedule, delivering all stages on time and on budget. 

Leo was keen to ensure sustainability and social accountability for the project, up-cycling reclaimed pieces and making sure existing furniture had another lease of life by gifting it to Furnishing Futures charity.

Alex Otto


Set in a distinct apartment block designed by Richard Rogers, and with commanding views of the Tate Modern, we knew immediately that a modernist and minimal design would enable this apartment to respond well to its surroundings.

Our client was keen to have quite quirky pieces of furniture in his home and we had this in mind when designing bespoke joinery and sourcing furniture for him. Limewash paint adds a real warmth to a space that otherwise could have felt a little stark.

Photography by Boz Gagovski

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