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Victorian Terrace, Brockley

We helped a family with two small children add character and softness to their home by sourcing beautiful bespoke furniture and joinery.
“Leo took the time to understand our needs. She found excellent pieces and solutions that we never would have considered.  We would never have been so brave with colour choices without Leo’s encouragement. She was a pleasure to work with and the whole process was very smooth.”


The client wanted to bring the house to life by adding more detail to the interiors – so we needed to ‘layer’ the space with beautiful storage furniture, rugs, lights and ottomans. Improving the lighting in several of the rooms was also a priority.


We knew that to make the client’s rooms feel great and to solve their storage needs we needed to commission a number of bespoke joinery pieces. I collaborated with Ben & Charlie at Bench Studio to design several sideboards, wardrobes and other clever furniture solutions.


The house had several living spaces running through to each other on the ground floor. It was important to get each of these spaces working properly and to give them all a point of difference. We felt that one of the rooms should be the daytime family space, that the living space in the middle of the house with less natural light should be the evening/grown up/soft entertaining space. And the living space at the front of the house we envisaged as a library type space for getting quiet time away from the family, to read the papers on a Sunday or take a quick work call.

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