People come first at Kinder Design.

We collaborate to create dynamic, engaging and playful spaces.

Transformation is at the heart of our work. We unearth the true character of a space and give it new life. We love nurturing abandoned wrecks and turning them into joyful, functional spaces.

We draw on elements of placemaking, psychology and theatre, and also bring meticulous attention to all the practical nuts and bolts of creating spaces.

We like to thoroughly investigate how a space will be used by the client and then we can create an environment that responds to these needs and will function effectively. 

Resourcefulness is also key to our design approach; our designs are always cost effective, almost always using vintage or found pieces, sometimes with elements of upcycling. 

At Kinder Design, it's all about collaborating with good people to create awesome spaces; kindly, economically, thoughtfully and creatively.