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  • Leo Wood

The Art of Bespoke Furniture: Crafting Unique Pieces

Creating bespoke furniture pieces allows for a level of customisation and personal touch that can truly transform a space. Recently, I had the pleasure of designing several bespoke pieces in collaboration with the talented Ben and Charlie from Bench Studio for a client in Lewisham. Here’s a closer look at these projects and the luxurious yet functional results we achieved.

One of the highlights of this project was the bespoke sideboard and shelving unit. The walnut veneer and arrabescato marble top provide a luxurious feel, perfectly suited for the evening snug room we were designing. Despite its elegant appearance, this unit is highly practical, with ample storage that includes a surprising use—storing Lego!

interior design, sideboard, joinery, living room
Photographer: Jon Aaron Green

To inject some fun and personality into the space, we incorporated a bespoke rug by A Run Fellow. This custom piece adds a playful element to the room, balancing the sophisticated materials of the sideboard and shelving unit with a touch of whimsy. The rug’s design and colours combine the entire room, making it a cosy and inviting space.

Another key piece we designed for our client in Lewisham was a bespoke shoe storage unit. Collaborating with Ben and Charlie from Bench Studio, we aimed to pick up the blue from the stained glass window in the front door, designed by local artist David Webb Stained Glass. Bench experimented with various wood staining options until we achieved the perfect colour and finish. The checkerboard hallway tiles, already in place, were complemented by the new cabinet, which ties the space together and adds to the sense of fun that pervades this family home.

These projects were brought to life with the skilled photography of Jon Arron Green, who captured the beauty and detail of the bespoke furniture and the room as a whole. The styling by Davorka Sweet further enhanced the room’s aesthetic, ensuring every element was perfectly placed to create a cohesive and visually stunning space.

The process of designing and crafting bespoke furniture is incredibly rewarding, offering a unique blend of luxury and personalisation. For our Lewisham client’s home, the bespoke sideboard and shelving unit, shoe storage unit, and custom rug, paired with thoughtful styling, resulted in spaces that are both elegant and practical.


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