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  • Leo Wood

Embracing the Unexpected: Red Accents

In interior design, sometimes the most striking results come from the unexpected. For our latest project, we decided to incorporate a bold red alongside softer colours to add a touch of drama to the bedrooms, and ensure the rooms didn’t feel washed out. Here's a look at how these daring design choices brought the space to life.

One of our favourite elements in our client’s new bedroom is the bespoke red cushions made from Gentle 2 fabric by Kvadrat. Gentle 2 is a unique material, the only knitted stretch velvet upholstery textile on the market. It has a delightful, foam-like bounce that sets it apart from any other velvet we've seen. This fabric brings a fresh and deliciously tactile quality to the room, making the cushions not just functional, but a standout feature.

These bespoke red cushions pair beautifully with the Siga block-printed cushions from our friends at The Campbell Collection. The combination of textures and patterns creates a visually rich and inviting space. The interplay between the bold red and the softer, intricate prints adds depth and interest to the room, making it feel both cosy and sophisticated.

To complete the design, we included a pink storage ottoman from Love Your Home. This piece is not only practical for storing bed linen, but it also perfectly ties together the room's colour scheme and texture palette. The ottoman's soft pink hue and plush texture complement the bold red cushions and block-printed designs, bringing harmony to the space.

Incorporating bold and unexpected colours can transform a room, adding vibrancy and personality. For this bedroom project, the combination of bespoke red cushions, patterned accents, and functional storage resulted in a space that is both dramatic and cohesive. Whether you’re looking to refresh your own bedroom or working on a new design project, don't be afraid to experiment with bold colours and unique textures.


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