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  • Leo Wood

How to Find Unique Pieces for Your Home with Etsy

colourful pinboard, shelving, pinboard
Photographer: Anna Zina

Etsy is one of my favourite places to source unique pieces for my projects and I’ve found all sorts of amazing bespoke items on @etsyuk, from shelves to furniture to pinboards.

There are so many talented makers and craftspeople listing their wares on Etsy. It’s always a delight to discover well-designed pieces lovingly made by independent makers and being sold for a fair price. (This is def not an ad for Etsy btw!)

The pinboard in this photo is a magnetic linen-backed pinboards custom made by ‘BespokeBoardsbyAnna’ on Etsy.

They can be made in any size to order and combine the usefulness of a magnetic pinboard with the softness of a fabric pinboard. I really love this pinboard and have used it in a few projects.

Being able to customise the size and material of a piece is so handy when each of the spaces I design need a slightly different solution.

shelving, open shelving, interior styling, plants, artwork on shelves
Photographer: Leo Wood

wooden bedside table, wooden walls, bedroom, wooden interiors
Photographer: Leo Wood

As well as pinboards, I’ve commissioned some lovely long white metal shelves for my home (from ‘IndluDesign’) and a seriously nice simple oak wooden side table (from ‘TheJourneymanandCo’).

It’s so nice to be able to support independent traders making great things. Etsy is an endless treasure trove and I highly recommend it as a place to find all sorts of vintage and hand made pieces.

Has anyone found any other amazing things and sellers on Etsy that you can recommend?


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