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Coach House, Dulwich

Complete transformation of an old garage to create a calm, contemporary family home, hidden unexpectedly down a quiet track.

My architect husband and I bought an old garage at a property auction in 2017. Through his practice, Open Practice Architecture, he created a design for a new home for our family, for which we were successful in achieving planning. In 2020, we were able to purchase the small coach house next to the original site, meaning we could create an annexe to the house, which are currently building as a secondary project.

We opted for a palette of simple materials such as wood, concrete and steel with the aim of creating a modern, minimal but warm home that suits our young family.

Despite the simple material palette, colour features prominently throughout the interiors. Furniture has been sourced from a wide range of places: pieces are either generally vintage, or as bespoke commissions from some of our preferred brands and collaborators. 

Our site is well hidden, quietly nestled down a mews track, which adds to its appeal. The house frames a charming courtyard garden and features a rooftop terrace, enabling pockets of greenery to soften the home. 

The project will be completed in Spring 2024 when we will have full project photos and information.

Photography by Kassia Kerr

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