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  • Leo Wood

Celebrating Art in Interiors: Incorporating Personal Art in Design

Incorporating art into interior design can transform a space, making it personal and vibrant. Whether you're buying art or showcasing personal pieces, finding the right art is crucial. For our recent Headteacher’s Office project, we knew from the start that we wanted the pupil’s artwork to feature prominently. Here’s a glimpse into our journey and the beautiful results we achieved.

During a tour of the school’s art department, I was blown away by the creative talent of the young students. Their artistic expressions were impressive, particularly a series of beautiful urn drawings made using coloured and black oil crayons. These pieces stood out not only for their technical skill but also for the imagination and individuality each student brought to their work.

To properly honour these fantastic creations, we commissioned Stretch Frames to create bespoke frames for the artworks. The choice of a warm beige mount and dark oak frame was intentional, designed to harmonise with the rest of the room’s decor. The frames not only enhance the visual appeal of the drawings but also provide a professional and polished look, ensuring that the pupils' artwork is the highlight of the room.

To say I am delighted with how these artworks turned out is an understatement. They are a remarkable reflection of the creative talent of the kids and add a unique, personal touch to the Headteacher’s Office. These framed pieces have become a focal point in the room, inspiring everyone who enters.

Adding to the room’s cohesive and inviting atmosphere, we included a stunning dark moulded paper-pulp pendant light by Palefire Studio. This light fixture brilliantly ties the zone of the room together, complementing the artwork and the overall design scheme. The pendant light not only provides functional illumination but also serves as an art piece in its own right, adding texture and depth to the space.

Incorporating personal and meaningful art into interiors can significantly enhance the character and warmth of a space. For our Headteacher’s Office project, featuring the pupil’s artwork was a rewarding experience that brought beauty and individuality to the room. Whether you’re working on a similar project or just looking to refresh your own space, consider the impact of personal art and thoughtful design choices. The results can be transformative.


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