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South East London: Interior Design Tips | Kinder Design

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South East London: Interior Design Tips with a Local Twist

London's rich tapestry of culture, history, and innovation is evident not just in its landmarks, but also in its homes and interiors. The charm of South East London's interior design landscape is unmatched, with its eclectic mix of vintage and contemporary styles. For those looking to give their homes a South East London touch, Kinder Design has got you covered. Here, we guide you through some must-visit spots and share expert tips to infuse your space with that unique South East London charm.

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South East London: Interior Design Tips with a Local Twist


Crystal Palace Antiques: A Journey Through Time in South East London

Nestled in the heart of Crystal Palace, the aptly named Crystal Palace Antiques is more than just a store; it's an experience. As you step through its doors, you're instantly transported back in time, meandering through various epochs of design, craftsmanship, and artistry.

Spanning multiple floors, this emporium is a veritable treasure trove of history. The Victorian-era, renowned for its intricate woodwork, plush fabrics, and ornate details, is beautifully represented here. You'll find exquisitely carved wooden furniture, lavish mirrors, and ornate lamps that echo the elegance and opulence of the times.

But it's not all about the Victorian charm. The 20th century also has its rightful place, showcasing the shift in design sensibilities through the decades. From the bold geometric patterns of the Art Deco movement to the sleek, minimalist designs of mid-century modern, there's a piece for every aficionado.

One of the most captivating aspects of antique shopping is the narrative behind each item. Every piece at Crystal Palace Antiques has a story, a past, and a journey. Whether it's a regal armchair that once adorned a stately home or a quirky 1960s lamp that lit up many a soirée, these pieces bring with them tales of yesteryears.

Expert Tip: In today's age of disposable culture and mass production, there's a renewed appreciation for vintage and antique furniture. Not only do these pieces add character and a unique flair to modern homes, but they also advocate for sustainability. Opting for vintage ensures we are reusing and repurposing, thus giving these beautiful items a second life while reducing the demand for new, often non-sustainably sourced items. So, the next time you're looking to make a home addition, consider a trip to Crystal Palace Antiques – for the sake of history, charm, and our planet.

Iyouall in East Dulwich: The Epitome of Modern Elegance


Tucked away in the trendy neighbourhood of East Dulwich is Iyouall, a design store that is a beacon of modernity amidst London's historical backdrop. It's not just a store; it's a celebration of clean lines, muted palettes, and designs that epitomise simplicity at its best.

Stepping into Iyouall feels like entering a curated gallery of contemporary design. Each item, meticulously chosen, reflects a design philosophy that champions both form and function. Whether it's the subtle curves of a ceramic vase or the geometric precision of a wall clock, there's an understated beauty in every piece that invites admiration.

One of the standout features of Iyouall's collection is its minimalist approach. In an age where clutter and extravagance can often overwhelm, the designs at Iyouall are a testament to the power of restraint. The use of neutral tones, combined with raw materials like wood, metal, and glass, create pieces that are both timeless and on-trend.

But it's not just about aesthetics. The items at Iyouall are designed with modern living in mind. Multi-functional furniture that maximises small urban spaces, lighting solutions that adapt to various moods, and storage solutions that are as stylish as they are practical — every piece serves a purpose, making it perfect for today's discerning homeowner.

Expert Tip: One of the secrets to achieving a harmonious interior design is striking the right balance. While the charm of antiques and vintage pieces is undeniable, they can sometimes feel heavy or dated when used in excess. Introducing modern elements, like those from Iyouall, can breathe new life into a space. It's this juxtaposition of old and new, classic and contemporary, that creates a dynamic visual contrast, resulting in interiors that feel both warm and fresh.


Next time you're contemplating a room revamp, consider the magic that can be conjured by blending eras and styles, and let places like Iyouall inspire your modern sensibilities.

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Alkemi in Nunhead: Where Art Meets Home

Located in the heart of Nunhead, Alkemi isn't just a store – it's an artistic expedition. A seamless blend of craft and design, Alkemi promises an experience that transcends the ordinary shopping trip, taking visitors on a journey through creativity, innovation, and inspiration.

Upon entering, you're immediately greeted by a meticulously curated collection, where every piece stands as a testament to the artist's vision and craftsmanship. From hand-blown glass sculptures to intricate textiles, Alkemi showcases a variety of mediums, each echoing the soul and spirit of its creator.

What makes Alkemi truly unique is its commitment to supporting and promoting local artists and designers. This dedication is evident in the store's diverse collection, which boasts pieces that capture the essence and vibrancy of South East London. Whether it's a painting that encapsulates the morning mist over Nunhead or a ceramic piece that mirrors the architectural nuances of the region, there's a story and a local touch in every item.

But it's not just about aesthetics. The items at Alkemi serve a purpose beyond decoration. They are conversation starters, pieces that evoke curiosity and invite discussion. Whether it's the history behind a vintage-inspired design or the technique used in a modern art piece, each item has a tale to tell, making them perfect centrepieces for any room.

Expert Tip: Incorporating local art into your interiors not only elevates the aesthetic appeal of your space but also offers a deeper connection to the community and culture. These pieces, often crafted with passion and precision, reflect the ethos and spirit of the area. Moreover, in an age of mass-produced decor, opting for unique, locally-sourced art ensures that your space stands out and resonates with authenticity.


Next time you're looking to infuse some local flair into your interiors, let Alkemi in Nunhead guide your choices, ensuring your home becomes a canvas of stories, history, and local charm.

Projekt26 Posters in Peckham: A Portal to Retro Radiance

Situated in the bustling heart of Peckham, Projekt26 doesn't just sell posters; it offers a vibrant journey back in time. This store is a visual treat, resonating with the boldness of yesteryears and the chic of today, making it an essential stop for those seeking to inject their spaces with spirited charisma.

From the moment you step into Projekt26, you are welcomed by a riot of colours and patterns, each poster capturing the essence of eras gone by. Whether it's the artful elegance of the 1920s Art Deco movement or the edgy vibe of the 1970s punk scene, Projekt26 encapsulates it all in print form. These posters, each meticulously reproduced, serve as windows into the past, transporting onlookers to moments frozen in time.

What sets Projekt26 apart is its commitment to authenticity. Every poster is a meticulous representation of original designs, ensuring that the vibe, the colour palettes, and even the typefaces echo the era they represent. This dedication ensures that each piece is not just a decorative item but an artefact of artistic history.

But why stop at buying just one poster? These retro marvels are versatile and can redefine spaces in various ways. While a single poster can act as a centrepiece, bringing focus to a particular wall, an assortment of them can transform any mundane space into a lively gallery. The arrangement is key: spacing them uniformly can provide structure, while a more eclectic layout can offer a playful vibe.

Expert Tip: The magic of vintage posters lies in their ability to create a narrative within a room. A feature wall adorned with these posters not only adds visual appeal but also encourages exploration, with each poster having its own tale to narrate. Whether you're looking to make a bold statement or just introduce a touch of nostalgia into your decor, a trip to Projekt26 in Peckham promises to inspire and invigorate your design senses. Remember, in the world of interior design, sometimes looking back can propel your space into the future.

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So Last Century in Beckenham & Catford: A Nostalgic Expedition of Design and Craft

If there's one event that encapsulates the essence of yesteryears with the thrill of treasure hunting, it's the vintage fairs hosted by So Last Century in Beckenham & Catford. These aren't just markets; they're lively festivals celebrating the art, design, and culture of bygone eras.

Spread across these two vibrant locations, the fairs are a visual and sensory delight. Imagine aisles and aisles brimming with relics of the past: teak furniture from the 60s, whimsical prints from the 50s, ornate lamps from the 40s, and even kitschy kitchenware from the 70s. Each stall is like a mini-museum, offering a curated snapshot of a particular decade.

What sets So Last Century fairs apart is the sheer diversity on offer. Whether you're an avid collector of retro radios or someone seeking the perfect vintage dress, the chances are high you'll find your coveted item here. And it's not just about items of utility or fashion; the fairs are also a trove of art pieces, books, records, and ephemera, providing an all-rounded vintage experience.

However, beyond the items, it's the atmosphere that truly captivates. The hum of excited chatter, the thrill of haggling, the joy of discovery, and the shared appreciation for the past come together to create an environment that's electric and infectious.

Expert Tip: For those new to vintage shopping, these fairs are an excellent introduction. Not only do you get to see a vast range of items in one place, but you also have the opportunity to negotiate prices, making sure you get the best deal. Moreover, seasoned sellers at these fairs are often more than willing to share stories, histories, and insights about their items, ensuring that what you take home is not just a piece but a piece with a tale.


So, if you're looking to dive deep into the world of vintage, mark your calendars for the next So Last Century fair in Beckenham & Catford. It's more than shopping; it's a delightful voyage through time.

If you would like to discuss your colourful interior design project, please get in touch with us to find out more about how we can help you.
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