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Kinder Design:
Passionate about Colourful Interior Design

Colourful Living Room in Peckham with bold wall paint colour interior design
For homes, offices, or community spaces, Kinder Design is your go-to interior design studio if you want thoughtful and colourful interior design transformations. We are both collaborative and resourceful, turning unloved residential and commercial spaces into functional, charming spaces to inhabit, where the colour scheme is the central element of the design. We love using colour consciously in the spaces that we design but we also take a minimal approach – our spaces are pared back and clutter-free, allowing every piece of furniture to stand out. Kinder Design is renowned for using colour adeptly, creating interiors that are serene but still full of character.
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Your Colourful Design Journey



Colourful Conversations Begin Here

We put our clients at the centre of everything, responding to your project ambitions and needs first and foremost. At our initial site meeting, we build a comprehensive understanding of your daily life and your priorities for your project, as well as ascertaining the project budget. We then create a detailed project brief that sits in sync with our client’s budget and vision, setting the stage for an interior design transformation with colour at its heart.


We Generate Creative and Colourful Ideas

Here, our approach to colour in interior design takes the spotlight. We think through carefully the mood and feeling that we want for each space and create room-by-room dynamic colour palettes. We also plot room and furniture layouts; offering thoughtful design choices for every interior space, ensuring the final design concept is both clear and compelling. At this stage we will also start getting clearer on the likely project costs and the best contractor/s to deliver your design project.

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Every Vibrant Detail Counts

Often collaborating with architects and other specialists, we delve into the details of each space, ensuring every feature reflects our colourful and considered design philosophy. Whether drawing up the details of bespoke joinery or creating unique kitchen or bathroom designs, each space resonates with our signature touch of colour. Once the Design Development stage of work is completed we will have a final set of drawings for the project, confident that all the design details have been thoughtfully worked through.


Bringing the Colourful Vision to Life

At this stage, our appointed building contractor will start the necessary works at your project. We are skilled in partnering with a range of quality contractors, so we can seamlessly oversee construction phases when often required. Every item, from furniture to fittings, is at this stage purchased. All pieces will by now have been chosen to fit seamlessly with the colour scheme firmly in mind. During this pivotal phase of the project, clients find us reliable and dedicated to getting all the small details right.

Kinder Design_Peckham Home_greenroom.jpg


Ensuring a Perfect Highly Detailed Finish

Every colourful design that we create deserves impeccable execution. With undivided attention to detail, we ensure every facet of the interior design aligns flawlessly with your expectations. From tackling the minute details to adding the finishing colourful flourish, we’re with you every step of the way, ensuring your space is a colourful testament to our expertise. Any snagging issues are seamlessly taken care of and if needs be we can oversee styling and photography of the project space as a final touch.

If you would like to discuss your colourful interior design project, please get in touch with us to find out more about how we can help you.
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